That's not a problem at all! We can easily plug into your team, or work separately as an entirely different resource focused specifically on growth. Whatever your needs are, we'd be more than happy to discuss them and see if we can accommodate them.

Chances are your first designer and consultant will be our founder, Angel! But if not, you'll get a chance to meet and chat to the designer before we start work, ensuring you have a great working relationship. As we grow we are expecting to hire a larger and larger team, but you'll always have a senior designer that is focused on your work.

This varies depending on the project. It could take 1 hour for a simple tweak, or 2 months for a large project with multiple screens, workshops, and research.

We can typically get started within as little as a few days. We like to kick off things as quickly as possible.

No at the time. We do offer a money-back guarantee on subscriptions and we also offer project based pricing. No long-term commitment required!

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